I lost myself to Autism.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn and accept as a mom with a child on the autism spectrum is that celebrating progress, no matter how big or how small it may rocky-1be, is definitely less stressful than trying to make it perfect!

I had to let go of trying to be the perfect autism mom, because I reached a point in my life where I became lost in autism.

I was always too exhausted, physically, mentally, emotionally and completely depleted, my vessel was empty and I had no energy to left for me. Autism had taken over my life! I became an emotional eater and gained over 40 lbs. I was suffering from chronic aches and pains and developed fibromyalgia. My immune system became compromised. I was hospitalized several times for pneumonia, and developed early heart disease. I had to find a way to become stronger than autism and regain control over my health before it was too late.

before-and-afterIn my search for the right combination of health, fitness and stress reducing program, I stumbled upon a group of like-minded women who had lost their identity through motherhood. Health and fitness was their main priority. I lost all of the extra weight that I had been carrying for over the past 10 years and gained an entire new outlook on life at the age of 54. These women became my friends. This group helped me to regain my identity and I became stronger than autism.

This was something I did for ME. I reached my maintenance weight goal and in the process became a balanced mother for my children. I was no longer an autism mom, I was just MOM, and this process gave me the strength I needed to give my family what the needed, a better version of MOM.

Are you ready to find yourself through good through health and fitness and became a #strongautismmom Fill out the form below to join a community of mom’s going through the same struggles and who need support from others like you!

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