I was once tired, exhausted and over-stressed! Raising a child on the autism spectrum took it’s toll on me, it took my life away, it took my self-esteem away and it almost took over my entire health! I needed to embark on a journey that would make me Stronger Than Autism, and I found it on the 21-Day Fix Program.  It gave me back my life, my self-esteem, and my health and I did it at the age of 54, so can you. I can help you, I know, I’m living with autism but it is no longer controlling my life.  It’s not easy  showing up everyday completely depleted, but there is a way to feel better, stronger, healthier & happier while raising a special needs child.  I can help you find it, and when you do, it is the most rewarding thing you can ever do for yourself, your child and your family. Once you get to a better place, the door to many more opportunities will open and you too will be able to help others to feel good about themselves and provide them with the necessary tools they will need to create an incredible, amazing and healthy life for themselves and their family.

It is possible just from taking the 21-Day Fix Challenge!

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