Opportunity For Change Ahead!

Hey Autism Mamas, let’s talk!

The reality of being an autism mom is:

1. It is overwhelming having to manage the unexpected day-to-day always changing challenges and responsibilities, taking care of our families, and working every day.

2. Sometimes we feel like we’ve waited too long to make changes, get lost along the way, our bodies start to break down and we have no idea where to start with our self-care.

3. Raising a child on the spectrum creates specific challenges for losing weight, finding time to exercise, having the energy and the struggle to put ourselves first is real.

4. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to why somedays are easier than others and all we can do is keep trying even when we want to throw our hands up in the air and quit.

5. The people closest to us often don’t understand what we go through to raise our ASD family

6. Dealing with insurance companies, doctor visits, IEPs can be frustrating beyond belief!

7. The side effects of the stress can often make you feel hopeless for a better future.

Life with autism can be tough, but we have to remember we are worth every ounce of work to be the wives, mothers, and women we are meant to be!

Once I snapped out of my self-pity phase, and decided to get serious about my health, I went ALL IN!

So, what does that mean exactly?

I started working out at home with 30-minute, effective workouts. I learned how to meal prep for the entire week, and joined an online accountability and support group. In the beginning, I had to modify EVERY SINGLE MOVE, but I was moving, which was the most important thing. I am now stronger and healthier than ever! I no longer need that afternoon nap, I don’t find myself emotionally eating anymore and I can be the wife and mother my husband and kids deserve.

The autism life brings complex challenges when it comes to self-care and the weight loss game, so having a group filled with like-minded women on the same journey, facing similar challenges, who “get it”, is a GAME CHANGER.

I am looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED women who are ready to invest in themselves, take control of their health and fitness, and get #AUTISMSTRONG with me!

What’s in it for you?

* Accountability in a supportive, positive, judgment-free environment.

* An entire YEAR of online streaming of effective workouts done at home—everything from yoga to dancing to boot camps to old school aerobics! Most workouts are 30 minutes or LESS and there is something for EVERYONE at EVERY fitness level.

* A nutrition guide that teaches what and how much to eat, along with my sample meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and meal prep tips & tricks.

* A 30-day supply of our superfood filled vitamin shake that’s low on the glycemic index.

* One-on-one Coach support from me, every step of the way (totally the best part 😉 )

* FREE BONUS OFFER-→A friendly cookbook filled with on-plan meals to take the guess work out of “what’s for dinner” and keep your family smiling!

Are you ready to get #AUTISMMOMSTRONG with us and Balanced for Summer?

Click here to join the free info group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/854588404656032


If YOU are READY, then join us in our Balanced for Summer Group!


Posted by Raquel Ceballos Cicini on Wednesday, June 6, 2018


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