health bet
I am so excited about this upcoming challenge group. It is different than any challenge group I have ever done in the past. Why? Because there is actually money involved! We will continue to share recipes, support each other, motivate each other to eat healthy and exercise, but there is an EXTRA incentive during these 4 weeks!

Take part in the HEALTH BET CHALLENGE from 9/5-10/2
All you need to do is…
-Use a beachbody program and drink Shakeology.
-Post a picture of your Shakeology 5x a week in the Challenge Tracker App.
-Post your workout 3x a week in the Challenge Tracker app.
-WIN $$$$$$$$!

The pot has started at 1 million dollars and can go up to 3 million dollars by the time the challenge begins. Take the steps above and you automatically win money that will be evenly distributed amongst all participants that have met the requirements!

This is a really exciting opportunity. I KNOW that it is just human nature to be driven by incentives. Becoming healthy is definitely an incentive, but money, too?!

If you are interested in taking part in this challenge group, RSVP soon! Space is limited and we will have to close registration!