Why do I coach? I get this question all the time, it’s simple, exhaustion & stress that came with the daily struggles of raising a child on the autism spectrum robbed me of so much happiness that my body became too broken to enjoy the gifts in my life to their fullest.

When I decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach, to be honest, I felt uneasy about doing something that would put me in the forefront of social media, but I felt too good to keep it all to myself. I know so many moms who have let themselves go because they are too tired, stressed-out or have failed several other weight loss programs trying to get back into shape.

For me, coaching is more than the superficial stuff, it goes beyond the flaws, it is about valuing my HEALTH, it is about not letting autism, diseases and illnesses win. For me it is about sharing my journey to spread the word that we can and deserve to feel good about ourselves while fighting our own different battles with autism, and that there is a way we can reduce stress, exhaustion, and live a healthier & happier and balanced lifestyle to bring more joy into our lives, despite the daily challenges. I will continue to live the rest of my life mindful of my self-care, health and wellness, and I will continue to openly share my journey on social media because for me it is about being a FRIEND to other autism moms and building a community that is STRONGER than autism so that moms never forget their own personal self-worth. It’s about being real, not being perfect! It’s about valuing yourself and self-care. It’s about not giving in to the autism life. It’s about rising and becoming a STRONGER than autism MOM.

So if you’re stuck in a hole, and you want to climb out of the autism hole, then you need to join my team, give me your hand so I can help pull you out. I can’t jump in that hole with you but I can sure make the climb out so much easier, and together we can all become a team of STRONG autism MOMS.

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