I met Rocky about 7 years ago and immediately was in awe (and a little intimidated) by her presence. She commanded respect, was assertive and appeared so strong!  We became fast friends and bonded over the deep love of our children doing “good” for our Elementary School. We both surrounded ourselves with people of strong and deep character. As I got to know her better, I often watched Rocky juggle the needs of her children, her husband, the school and just about everything and everyone else BUT herself. As someone who prioritizes fitness the top of my list, Rocky often talked to me about getting back “in shape”. She committed to several races and even a half marathon. Although Rocky did well in these events, she was not entirely pleased with her results. Unfortunately, her body often did not allow her to achieve the results she really wanted. Several times over the past few years Rocky would force herself to a spin class or go for a run.  I knew she had it “in her”! I was in awe of what she could accomplish in her family life but knew she was physically capable of so much more.  I saw her struggle with what she wanted to achieve and what her body and her time would allow. She would commit and then something would change and direct her attention elsewhere.  I watched Rocky go from appointment to appointment, and therapy session after therapy session, running from music class to the baseball field.  It seemed to me that as Gaby and Joey were thriving, Rocky was losing more and more of herself. Her weight, her outlook and her health were suffering. In the past 11 months I have seen a NEW ROCKY and I am more impressed than ever. She is putting herself “on the list”. I have often said “You make time for what is important” and now Rocky is believing and living that. She is motivating others and proving that you can really make a difference with small, consistent changes. I love following Rocky’s story and am more impressed with her than ever before. I have seen a transformation on the outside but more importantly, on the inside. Rocky is more confident, stronger and is truly radiating from the inside out. I know that Rocky’s children and family will always be the most important thing in her life but I am so happy to see her health also very high on the list. I am excited to continue to watch her journey and know we will be friends for many years (and miles) to come!