Why did I go from retired cop to a Beachbody coach to AUTISM STRONG? Why am I so “Disney Happy”? It’s very simple, the years of stress tore me down and Beachbody built me back up when everything else I had tried failed!
I am the CEO of my life now! I’m in charge, not stress and being a Beachbody coach is providing me the opportunity to build up others too, both as a coach and as a friend! I put myself out there to let others know that life doesn’t have to stay broken! I keep myself physically and mentally healthy so I can pay it forward to other autie moms!

Little did I know that by purchasing a home based fitness program almost two years ago that my entire life would change. For years I believed my autoimmune disease wouldn’t allow me to feel healthier and strong again and I relied on medications to dull the pain. Purchasing that fitness program helped me to get fit, it’s kept me accountable and it has allowed me to build a small business from home. How? By helping others focus on their fitness, giving them the tools they need to improve their nutrition, and helping them remain accountable to their goals. It has allowed me to earn real income in the process, and has given me the ability to pay it forward when someone needed it the most. Having that extra income to help out another autism mom in need of temporary shelter post Hurricane Irma is one of the many reasons I LOVE coaching.

If you want to focus on your health, have a passion for helping others, and your family would benefit from more cash in the bank, with the ability to work towards having more time to do the things that you want to do, then shoot me an email,  let’s chat. I would love to show you how to have the best of both worlds.

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